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In the world of decorative concrete, gray has always been number one…

but with the advent of colored concrete, stains, and dyes, gray is not the only option anymore . Additionally, for concrete driveways, patios, walkways, pool decks and home flooring gray is the perfect choice. Many people love gray when it comes to concrete. They like the texture, the color subtleties, and the look of fresh, gray concrete. Now with custom decorative concrete, there are many more ways to use the grays, from light to dark charcoal. Excellent finishes, patterns, and designs can all be achieved. We offer an infinite number of design options for the modern look of gray concrete finishes. For indoor and outdoor floors gray is always the best choice.

The days when gray was considered conservative rather than decorative are gone.

Gray has become the go to neutral that matches well with warm and cool colors. Additionally, designer love gray for its versatility. Recently, the Pantone Color Institute picked Ultimate Gray as one of their two colors of the year for 2021.

Stained concrete lets you put color and shine on concrete floors inside or out for lasting color and durability. Applied directly to an existing floor or resurfaced with a concrete overlay, sealed stained concrete will not chip, crack, fade, or peel so floors stay beautiful for decades. Further, combining light and dark gray creates a marbleized, smoke effect for a beautiful kitchen floor.

Concrete stains can deliver solid, mottled, marble, and metallic looks for one-of-a-kind floors.

Juan Mendez Concrete - Decorative concrete in gray stained walkway (stains)Gray is the most commonly used color for cobblestone designs. Our stamped concrete patterns and custom concrete stains can give you the look of authentic cobblestone pavers. Additionally, cobblestone will make driveways, patios, walkways, pool decks, and courtyards look very sophisticated. Moreover, the integrated grout lines will never crumble, unlike real grouted stones, necessitating re-grouting, First, the sealed surface stays clear of grass and weeds.  Second, it will reduces maintenance.

No shifting stones with a gray decorative concrete cobblestone driveway. You will get years of care-free functionality and style.
There’s a reason that gray has become one of the top neutral colors in decorating over the past few years. It continues to be uniquely popular. In color psychology, gray represents balance and peace. Gray makes you feel calm and safe. At home those characteristics can be very welcoming. Gray can work harmoniously with any color scheme indoors. Furthermore the wide range of shades and tones and compatible with nature’s outdoor color scheme make gray the perfect color. Indoors and out, gray decorative concrete finishes and styles are the perfect answer to your design problems.

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