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Do you need the best commercial concrete paving or concrete structures? Then Juan Mendez Concrete is the company to call. We have built a sturdy reputation with our clients over the years by ensuring quality work and timely completion of concrete building projects. We have many satisfied customers including commercial, industrial, and municipal levels around East Texas.

Juan Mendez Concrete will work alongside your engineers and project managers to accomplish any commercial job across East Texas, Southern Oklahoma and Louisiana. We will provide high-quality service at very competitive prices. Our number one goal is your 100% satisfaction with our work. We don’t leave the job until your expectations are met.

Hiring us for your Commercial Job assures you of:

  • Quality work by qualified and experienced personnel.
  • Completion of concrete construction projects within the stipulated time.
  • Excellent customer care and service.
  • Assistance to choose from a wide range of materials to be used in the project.
  • Use of the latest technology to achieve the best results in all projects.

Our building technique ensures that your concrete structure is of high quality and durable. We keep up with the latest developments in technology, materials, and methods of undertaking concrete construction projects so we ensure the best results for your project.

 Juan Mendez Concrete installing, pouring and leveling concrete jobs

We can handle any concrete projects no matter the size.

We Can Service a Variety of Commercial & Industrial Clients









Juan Mendez Concrete can take care of any and all residential concrete projects, from a foundation or driveway to a decorative  patio or floor. We can make sure the area is prepared properly for the concrete and then  we’ll finish the job precisely as you want it. Our top priority is to make sure your residential concrete project is a success.

We’re here to help, whether it’s making recommendations on materials or helping you plan your project, whatever you need. We can also customize the look for your new concrete slab with beautiful concrete stamping finishes.

No matter the job, your satisfaction is our number one goal and that is what sets us apart in the industry. It’s the reason why so many homeowners have trusted Juan Mendez Concrete.

Our Residential Concrete Services include:

  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Patios
  • Pool Decks
  • Foundations
  • Poured Walls
  • Retaining Walls
 Juan Mendez Concrete installing, pouring and leveling concrete jobs

We can handle any concrete projects no matter the size.



The first thing many people think of when they consider concrete finishes is the plain and static gray color that most concrete is shaded with. At Juan Mendez Concrete we have the ability to mix a variety of great-looking colors with concrete to create a shade and colors that will perfectly suit your landscaping. When colorful shading is combined with stamped designs, you’ll hardly be able to tell that you’re walking on concrete at all. Finished concrete can also be stained to add extra depth to our stunning colors and designs. With so many possible combinations to choose from, stained concrete is an affordable option for your yard, walkway, driveway, and landscaping features.

Whether you just want a stained color, a stamped look, or both, we have the ability to create a custom concrete look that’s affordable and will last for years.


At Juan Mendez Concrete, we have the ability to offer stunning stamped concrete looks that will not only fit in with your existing landscaping or other elements, but perfectly complement them. Stamped concrete is an excellent and low-cost alternative to brick, paving stones, and other finishes, and comes with fewer maintenance requirements. Additionally, there are no cracks or seams in stamped concrete so you can forget about weeds and grass rearing their ugly heads and ruining your nice clean surface.

Whether you need us to finish a driveway, pool deck, walkway, retaining wall, or another concrete element, we can create a concrete finish that looks like flagstone, brick,  slate, and other designs. If you’re not sure what will look good, we will be happy to make recommendations that will suit your yard and existing landscaping.

We can handle most any custom job. Let us know what you’re looking for and we can get you a custom quote.

The days of settling for a plain, flat, and grey concrete finish for your driveway, walkway, patio, or other landscaping feature are over. Juan Mendez Concrete offers beautiful stained and stamped  concrete finishes that can turn a boring and plain concrete element into a landscaping centerpiece.